Join Us!

What you experience when visiting us is the result of of our member's volunteer efforts, which include:

  • crewing on as locomotive engineers and train conductors;
  • building and maintaining of locomotives, cabooses, and riding cars;
  • building and maintaining the nearly 4 kilometres of track;
  • maintenance of buildings on the site;
  • carbarn, machine shop, traction engine shed, and station museum tour guides;
  • operating the garden railway; and
  • gardening

You don't need to be a railway employee to be a member. In fact, very few of our members are in the railway business - they've come from a wide range of occupations, including: accountants, architects, broadcast employees, civil engineers, contractors, electricians, lawyers, marine engineers and geologists, to name a few.

You'll be trained in our railway operations. Eventually, with some effort on your part, you'll be able to drive our steam locomotives.

If you've an interest in metal work, we can train you. Our machine shop is very well equipped. We can train you in how to safely operate such equipment as: lathes; milling machines, drill presses, grinders, and a whole lot more!


Please fill out the application form, below, and mail it to us, or drop by when we are open and leave it with one of our members.

We also have some volunteers who are not members, and who have some free time on their hands. Their help is very much appreciated. If this interests you, talk to one of our members and we'll try to fit you into our activities!