Our Facilities

Track Specifications

The Burnaby Central Railway has over 2 miles of 7.5" gauge track. Mainline minimum curvature is 60-foot radius. Maximum upgrade on main tracks is 2%. There are two tunnels, two bridges and two viaducts.

Steamup Facilities

There are 13 raised parallel steaming bays 18' long with 8 additional roundhouse bays. Steaming bays are serviced with water, compressed air, and electricity. There are also eleven 60' sidings (ground level) with air, water, and electrical services nearby. All raised steaming bays are accessible from a transfer table and/or hoists. There is a turntable in addition to the hoists which double as turntables.

Loading / Unloading

Two pneumatically operated hoists (converted automotive hoists) are available for unloading equipment from vehicles. One of the hoists serves as a turntable for the roundhouse entry to the shop and access to the transfer table servicing the main steaming bays.