Safety Rules

For our passengers:

  • Obey the instructions of all BCMSE members. Your safety is our primary concern!
  • Children must be seated at all times, or
  • They can be carried in an approved commercial baby carrier
  • Selfie sticks must not be used while riding the trains!
  • People with physical or developmental handicaps must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or chaperone
  • Our locomotives are not toys, they're real machines!
  • Do not play on the tracks or the platforms. Trains are always in operation
  • Do not cross the tracks to visit the other buildings on the site! Ask the Track Manager if there is a member available to take you on a tour.
  • Do not cross the tracks to visit the G-scale (Garden) layout. Ask the Track Manager if there is a volunteer who can escort to and from the layout
safety notice

For Visiting Operators:

  • Burnaby Central Railway is one of the world's most heavily used 71⁄2” tracks that is open to the public
  • Safety is our prime concern, especially on public-running days!
  • The Track Manager has full operational control of all train operations, and all visiting operators must report to him/her before being allowed to run equipment on our site

Engineer Certification:

  • We accept recognized miniature railway operator's certificates
  • Please have your certificate ready for inspection
  • If you do not have your certificate with you, you may have to do a check ride with a qualified BCSME engineer to determine if you are qualified to operate on our railway
  • You will be required to read our safety rules and operating procedures
  • Engineers younger than 16 years of age require direct supervision of a certified engineer & may be restricted in hours of operation as well as route

Boiler Standards:

  • You must present to the Track Manager your boiler certificate before operating your loco on our railway.
  • Your boiler certificate must be up-to-date
  • We accept government boiler certificates
  • We also accept boiler certificates from recognized miniature railways
  • If your boiler certificate is not up-to-date or is uncertified, please give us advance notice and we will try to arrange for our boiler inspector to test and certify your boiler as safe to use